Winkler Emmanuel Church 

January 7, 2018

Striving to be “an inviting, Christ centred community in which people are being transformed to live like Jesus”

Worship Service

 Service Leader:  Tash Olfert

Worship Team:  Come Away

Scripture Reading:  Mark 12:28-34

Sacred Pathway Stories:  Earl Reimer, Darlene Goertzen, Rob Martens,                                                                                         Deb Loewen                         

This Week

Today (7)    9:00am    One Way Class“Anabaptist Essentials”

    10:00am   Coffee & Gathering

    10:15am    Worship Service, GPS & Child Care                                

     7:00pm      Youth Large Group Gathering

Mon (8)      7:00am       Men’s Prayer & Bible Study

    6:30pm      Missions Committee meeting

    7:00pm      Worship Dreaming Team

Tues (9)     4:00pm      Ministerial meeting

    7:00pm     Facilities Committee meeting

Wed (10)   7:00pm    Formation Committee meeting


Upcoming Events

 Sun (7)      9:00am    One Way Class   – Anabaptist Essentials

10:00am   Coffee & Gathering

10:15am    Worship Service

      Youth Small Group Week

Our Church


Our Sunday morning begins at 10am with a time of coffee and visiting in the foyer.  Please help yourself to coffee, hot chocolate or tea.  Our Worship service begins in the sanctuary at 10:15am.

The Sermons Series for January is titled “Sacred Pathways:  Discovering Your Soul’s Paths to God.”

FOCUS STATEMENT: At the start of a New Year many of us make resolutions.  For Christians one of those resolutions often focuses on drawing nearer to God, spending more time with God, and/or loving God more deeply.  The reality is that each of us are different and there are many sacred pathways that can lead us into a deeper relationship with God.

Most of us have several sacred pathways on which we travel well; some have one dominant pathway; and virtually all of us have some that don’t feel right for us.  That’s absolutely normal!  We will explore each of 9 sacred pathways in this series, each of which is Biblically grounded, let’s approach our exploration with a sense of anticipation, grace, and joy!

ONE WAY – An adult Sunday School class that meets at 9am in the multi-purpose room.  The topic for the next 4 weeks is “Anabaptist Essentials” presented by Pastor John Klassen, Trudi Neufeld & Connie Goertzen. The opening class will offer an introduction by focusing on church history and how the Anabaptist movement began.  Then in the following 4 sessions we’ll look at the “Essentials” or core beliefs held by Anabaptist Christians – Jesus is the Center of our Faith; Community is the Center of our Life; Reconciliation is the Center of our Work.

GPS – Emmanuel’s version of Sunday SchoolIt takes place in the fellowship hall after the offering and goes until the end of the service.

CHILD CARE – for ages 2 and under in the green north east classroom of the fellowship hall.  It begins following the offering until the end of the service.

YOUTH MINISTRY – Emmanuel Students is a place for both Jr and Sr High students to experience Wonder, Discovery and Passion! Focused around the 3 core values of Integration (believing that students are a huge part of everything that the Church does). Small Groups (growing smaller = tighter relationships) and Passion (Faith has to be lived out with passion, drive and focus) we live to inspire and equip a generation of passionate students to change the world and revive the Church. This week is large group week!  The new series it titled “Know God.”  Please meet at the church at 7pm! Follow us on Instagram @emmanuelchurchstudents or on twitter @emmanuel_xp3

SPA (SISTERS PURSUING ADONAI) – Stay tuned for the next event!

MEN’S PRAYER & BIBLE STUDY – Mondays at 7am in the multi-purpose room


Please remember all committees as they enter a time of restructuring and planning for the new year.


Breakfast Club – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at Winkler Elementary School from 8:15am – 9:15am.  Please talk to Lottie Froese, Becky Loewen, Helen Harder or Bev Neufeld if you are interested in volunteering.




NEW BOOKS IN THE LIBRARY!  Genres include Fiction, Primary, Theology, Christian Living, Prayer, Women, Youth and Indigenous Issues.  Book Donations always welcome!


Conference & Community Announcements


MC Canada:

NAIITS is an Indigenous Learning Community that hosts annual theological gatherings intended for young and older, pastors and activists. Mennonite Church Canada’s Indigenous-Settler Relations would like to help sponsor a group of women and men from across our nationwide church to attend this year’s symposium on “White Supremacy and Indigeneity,” June 7-9, 2018 @ Acadia Divinity College (Nova Scotia). Sponsorships will help cover the cost of registration and food. If you are interested, please email Steve Heinrichs for details (


MCC Manitoba:

MC Manitoba:

Mennonite Disaster Service would like to invite to their All-Unit Meeting in Winkler, MB on Feb 9-10. This event is a time of sharing and celebration of the work of MDS the past year. For more information or to register please visit our website, or call us at 1-866-261-1274.   For those that live near Winkler, please note there is an option to come for only Friday evening, or only Saturday. We would also like to note that Friday evening will include a theatre production by Ted & Company and walk-in’s are welcome for the evening program which begins at 7:00pm.

An MDS update along with more information regarding the All-Unit meeting is posted on the north bulletin board in the foyer.