Community ministries

Winkler family resource center

We are very happy to have the  Winkler Family Resource Centre as a community partner since September 2019.  They operate their programs out of our building with their entrance on the north side.  For more information please click on the link below.


Emmanuel is working in partnership with WES (Winkler Elementary School) staff to provide breakfast for students.

Following the Senior High Youth's enthusiasm and zeal for serving the community, Emmanuel spent time discerning different needs in the Winkler as well as the gifts and abilities our congregation had to offer.  The Breakfast Club at WES was started October 2010 serving breakfast two mornings a week.

Since 2011, Emmanuel volunteers have been offering nutritious breakfast options at WES. 

Connections between our volunteers and the students that attend motivate this ministry  and we are delighted to be able to invest in the kids and provide them with nutrition and energy to start their day of learning.